Milbros Shipping AS

Technical Services

This department offers direct technical and eveluation services in connection with newbuilding projects and major conversions including on site management of inspection and attendance teams. The department also represents INDASA in Spain, a major contractor for surface and coating applications and Bazan Shipyards one of the largest shipbuliding and ship repair groups in Spain. In addition the department offers its expert services for inspection and valuation of existing tonnage.

Milbros Shipping AS represents the
following Companies:

BAZAN Ship Repair have facilities in San Fernando, Cartagena and El Ferrol. Cartagena has a syncro-lift with a capacity if 10,000 tonnes weight limit for up to about 35,000 dead weight ships, while El Ferrol with its 330 metres dock , which is 50 meters wide, can take considerably larger ships. San Fernando is limited to ships of about 12,000 tonnes dw.

INDASA, based in Gijon is the major Spanish sandblasting and tank coating company. Acting as sub-contractors to most shipyards in both Northern and Southern Spain as well as the Canary Islands, they enjoy an excellent rating by all major chemical tanker operators (STOLT NIELSEN, SKIPS A/S STORLI, JO TANKERS and others).

BALTIC SHIP REPAIRERS, TALLINN. A medium sized ship repair yard with floating docks for vessels up to 35,000 TS DW. (10.500 tons light weight)

PROTECNO SHIP REPAIR, a well known Portuguese company that specialises in travel repairs of all kinds as well as alongside repairs at Setubal.

Terneuzen Port Services and DIVER Underwater Contractors in Holland. Specialising in propeller polishing and under-water welding as well as all kinds of ship repairs.